Major Biden Will Be The First Rescue Shelter Dog In The White House

Major Biden Will Be The First Rescue Shelter Dog In The White House

Major Biden Will Be The First Rescue Shelter Dog In The White House

Elation over first White House rescue dog reflects growing embrace of rescue pets.

It’s been a ruff four years for animal lovers who may have missed seeing a presidential dog in the White House.

US President-elect Joe Biden's dog, Major, will soon make history as the first rescue shelter dog in the White House. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C. has been a pet-free zone for the past four years, MAJOR began his life in an animal rescue shelter but all that is set to change, as The Biden family take up residence in the White House.

They rescued German shepherd Major from a Delaware shelter, his daughter Ashley saw a Facebook post from the Delaware Humane Association about six newly arrived rescued German shepherd puppies. The Biden’s initially fostered Major and made his adoption official.

Major will be joined by 12-year-old Champ, the families other German shepherd, Champ (has already enjoyed the comforts of the White House during the Obama administration). The Bidens have had Champ since 2008, when Joe Biden was serving as Vice President.

While many presidents have brought their pets to the White House, Major will be the first animal from a rescue shelter to live there and call the White House his home.

The two soon-to-become first dogs of the United States (rumoured to soon be joined by a cat) are going to revive a tradition that goes back to George Washington, who was the first president to have a dog.

This is a wonderful opportunity for people to see how fostering and adopting animals saves lives and helps animal shelters rehome dogs.

During the 2020 campaign, Joe Biden urged American voters to "Put dogs back in the White House" through a series of social media posts. Having pets—especially dogs, is by far the most popular presidential pet—in the White House and something that the average person can relate to. It symbolises kindness humanity and warmth.

Major’s White House news has been met with elation on social media, reflecting a growing embrace of shelter dogs.

Pet adoptions save lives enabling euthanasia rates to drop. Don’t shop Adopt.

At least 30 presidents have had dogs in the past.

President Trump was the first president since President James Polk in the 1840s to not have a pet in the White House, according to the online Presidential Pet Museum.

Major and Champ will be joining a long legacy of dogs in the White House.

Over the last decade, awareness around adoption as an option for prospective dog owners has grown significantly and we would urge anyone thinking of purchasing a dog to first check all dog shelters to adopt instead.

People used to think that dogs were in a shelter or surrendered there because something was wrong with them. Many of the problems associated with dogs ending up in shelters is due to puppy farms, commercial-scale operations that breed solely for profit, often without ensuring proper health checks, welfare standards, or buyer education, leading to a lot of dogs ending up in shelters.

Once people realise that dogs aren’t in shelters because they’re broken or misfits, but because there are too many of them, it really helped turn public perception around.

We think people resonate with the idea that they’re not just welcoming a new companion into their home, but are actively saving a life—and potentially opening up a space at a shelter for a new rescue animal in need of help. Maybe one day shelters won’t need to exist. Humans have a responsibility to protect and care for their animals, owning a dog is a lifetime commitment.

There’s been a real growth in the number of people adopting from shelters through social media outreach to prospective adopters.

We encourage prospective pet owners to consider adoption, But if you have your heart set on buying a purebred puppy do extensive research in selecting a responsible breeder, which might include meeting the puppy’s parents, observing living conditions, and never buying a dog online.

And if you’re not looking for a champion show dog please consider a shelter dog and save a life.

"Adopt don’t shop" has become a catchphrase shared frequently on social media and by animal advocates many rescues nationwide focus on specific breeds.

A Twitter account has been set up dedicated to Major and Champ Biden #DOTUS

Comments “Started at the bottom, Now Were Here” “From rags to riches,” read another. “Don’t you mean… wags to riches?” someone responded.

“Omg the Cinderella story we all needed this year!” one person wrote. “Isn’t that the plot to Annie?” said another.

Very Good Boy! Best of Luck Major & Champ…

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