Stop the Illegal Sale of Dogs

The Dogs Trust are running a very important and powerful campaign to stop the illegal sale of dogs in Ireland in the run up to Christmas. Always consider adopting before buying a puppy.


For many years unscrupulous breeders have operated in the shadows, evading penalty and punishment. But new laws introduced in February 2020 have changed how dogs sales can be advertised.

In puppy farms, mums are kept as breeding machines, forced to churn out litter after litter. The health and welfare of mum and her pups sacrificed for profit. Cramped into small and filthy pens with little or no bedding, mums and pups are denied the basic comforts every dog deserves. They are often kept in darkness. No feel of sunlight or warmth on their faces. Never getting to sniff the fresh air or feel soft grass or blankets under their paws. Their lives are brutal and cruel but it’s in your power to give them a life that’s worth living.

The power is in your hands to change the story for dogs across Ireland and eradicate puppy farms. Your signature will join with thousands of others across Ireland to stop the illegal sale of dogs and ensure all sellers are traceable.



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